Caffeine in Decaf Coffee, the Facts and Insight

Caffeine in Decaf Coffee
Knowing how much caffeine in decaf coffee can help you get an educated insight into the type of coffee to choose. Many people love coffee, but some of them may be sensitive to caffeine. Some people, on the other hand, aren’t allowed to consume the caffeine because of a certain condition, such as health factor or pregnancy. So, what should we learn about caffeine in decaf coffee, anyway? The Truth…

Best Starbucks Iced Coffee Lists for the Hot Day

Best Starbucks Iced Coffee
What are the best Starbucks iced coffee? When you hear such kind of a question, you are probably imagining yourself drinking a large glass of iced coffee in the middle of a hot summer day. What a pleasant way to enjoy the day, huh? Not only you get to taste your favorite coffee, but you can also enjoy it cold. If you are a regular customer at Starbucks, they have…

Best Coffee for Cold Brew, What Are Your Options?

Cold Brew Coffee
If you like making your cold brew coffee at home, maybe it is time for you to know the best coffee for the cold brew. You may be one of those people who like to make their own coffee at home, for the sake of taste and also money. You dislike the idea of throwing money for a cup of your favorite Joe. And yet, you prefer the cold coffee…

3 Secret Uses for Coffee Grounds Around the House

Coffee Grounds for garden
You will never guess the many uses for coffee grounds, even after you have taken a sip of your favorite Joe. Yes, even the used ones are still beneficial and handy – whether it is for repelling the insects, taking care of your beauty, and cleaning the kitchen. Coffee is surely great to wake you up and give you the energy boost you need, but then again, it has many…

Reveal the True Difference Between Latte and Cappuccino

Latte vs Cappuccino
There are some important topics among coffee lovers and coffee addicts, including the basic difference between latte and cappuccino. You may not think that they are important or they are even crucial. After all, they are both drinks and they have their own tasty appeal. It’s not like one is sour and one is bitter – or such thing alike. However, coffee lovers are adamant that the two are quite…

Know How Much Caffeine in a Latte, Is It Good or Bad?

How Much Caffeine in a Latte
Not many people know how much caffeine in a latte is. But because of the milk mixture, most people would think of the caffeine level to be quite low while the calories would be a bit higher. Well, that’s not necessarily true, in reality. If you think that a latte is all about a coffee and a milk mix, then you need to do your research more and dig deeper…

Best Automatic Espresso Machine, Understanding The Concept of Automation

Espresso Machines Super Auto Performance
Before you are looking at the lists of the best automatic espresso machine, you should ask yourself what you want (and expect) from the coffee machine. When most people hear the term of ‘auto espresso maker’, they wil immediately think about the sophisticated coffee machine to help them make a cup of tasty beverage. In reality, not all automatic coffee machines are automatic and not all of them have the…

Coffee Grounds To Water Ratio, The Important Knowledge To It

Coffee Grounds To Water Ratio
You don’t need to memorize coffee grounds to water ratio to create a perfect coffee. Even if you have a coffee business of your own, knowing the exact measure of the grounds along with the water (and also the temperature) can help you create an ideal cup of Joe. Of course, you shouldn’t forget other important elements, such as the type of coffee beans and whether you should grind the

What Is Latte The Delicious Coffee-Based Milky Beverage

Coffee-Based Milky Beverage
What is latte? You probably have seen these long lists of coffee names and you ask yourself, what are they and what is their base, really? And latte is one of the most popular coffee variants that you will see in most coffee joints and coffee chains. I used to wonder what latte is and what specialty it offers. It turns out that latte is a coffee-based beverage with milk.…

How To Make Coffee in a Coffee Pot and Some Alternative Ways

making coffee with Cowboy System
Knowing the proper methods on how to make coffee in a coffee pot can help you with the flexibility and easiness in fixing up your cup of Joe every time – not just every morning. Most people may depend on their coffee maker or coffee machine to make the coffee but there are actually other ways that you can try – just in case your machine stops working. Knowing the…

How Much Caffeine in Starbucks Coffee, Know Your Limit

How Much Caffeine in Starbucks Coffee
You are probably a regular at Starbucks and you enjoy all kinds of coffee variants they have – leading to a question of how much caffeine in Starbucks coffee. For some people, this kind of question isn’t a big of a deal. They don’t care about how much caffeine inside the beverage as long as it can give them the energy boost they need. However, some people are very conscious…

What Is a Macchiato? Interesting Facts You Should Know

What is a macchiato? You are probably entering your favorite coffee shop and be ready to order your favorite beverage. But then you stop at your track because you see a word that is completely new to you. The new word ‘macchiato’ doesn’t seem familiar and you don’t know what it is. Well, if you have an open mind and you don’t mind trying different kinds of variants, then you…

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