3 Secret Uses for Coffee Grounds You Should Know

You will never guess the many uses for coffee grounds, even after you have taken a sip of your favorite Joe. Yes, even the used ones are still beneficial and handy – whether it is for repelling the insects, taking care of your beauty, and cleaning the kitchen.

Coffee is surely great to wake you up and give you the energy boost you need, but then again, it has many other advantages that will surely blow your mind.

Secret Uses for Coffee Grounds 1 : For the Garden

So, what are other uses for coffee grounds with the used ones? You can turn one into a pest repellent. Just sprinkle the grounds around the plants to ward off the slugs and snails – even ants!

You can also mix it up with dried orange peel to get rid of cats and other small mammals. Try some rosemary oil too and see how it works wonder for your garden.

Secret Uses for Coffee Grounds 1 : For the Garden
Coffee Grounds for garden

You can also use the grounds as fertilizers. If you grow acid-loving flowers and plants, such as roses, camellias, hydrangeas, azaleas, or rhododendrons, then the coffee grounds will be the perfect fertilizer.

You can mix the grounds with dry straw, brown leaves, or dead grass clippings to neutralize the high acidity level. Sprinkle them around the plants and see them bloom. It doesn’t hurt to add wood ash or lime to get the desired perfect result.

If you are making your own compost, it would be a good idea to add the coffee grounds because they have high level of nitrogen.

But don’t throw too many grounds because it can turn the compost into the acid heap. There is a proper guidance for making the perfect compost with the coffee grounds. Search the net for guidance.

If you grow carrots, then your coffee grounds will find beneficial use. It would be great to mix the carrot seeds with coffee grounds before the sow.

You will see that your carrots will be bigger – and pests won’t be coming to your carrots either.

Secret Uses for Coffee Grounds 2 : for Beauty

Do you know that there are also other uses for coffee grounds for beauty? First of all, coffee grounds can be a perfect scrub. It can exfoliate the skin and remove the dead skin cells.

Mix the grounds with a tad warm water. If you like it, you can replace the water with natural oil. Your homemade scrub is ready is just a few minutes! Try it. You will feel refreshed and your skin will feel great.

Secret Uses for Coffee Grounds 2 : for Beauty
Coffee Grounds for Beauty

You can also use the grounds for facial scrubs. Add 2 tablespoon of grounds with organic cocoa powder. Then add 3 tablespoons of heavy cream or whole milk and finish it off with honey (a tablespoon).

Use it to scrub your face. Not only it feels great and fresh, but it is also organic.

Coffee grounds can also remove residue from your hair. Take a handful of grounds and then massage them to the hair before shampooing it.

The grounds are coarse enough to break the build-up residue and yet it is pretty gentle that it won’t hurt your hair.

Wait for a while and then shampoo your hair as usual. You will see that your hair is shiny and somewhat healthier.

What about cellulite? Ah, this is where the coffee ground can be useful too.

You can mix the grounds with a little bit of warm water to form a scrub. Use it to remove the cellulite for 10 minutes. Perform the scrub twice a week regularly.

Within 4 weeks, you should see some improvement. Mind you, though, that this treatment should be done regularly to show the real result.

There are actually other recipes for the cellulitis involving the coffee grounds. Browse them on your own and give them a try.

Secret Uses for Coffee Ground 3 : Around the House

What other uses for coffee grounds? Around the house, the coffee grounds can be used to absorb food odors, especially in the freezer and refrigerator.

It will act like a baking soda. Place a small amount of coffee grounds in a small but open container and place it on the back side of the refrigerator.

You will soon notice that your refrigerator won’t be so smelly again. After a week or so, toss the coffee grounds to your compost piles.

The grounds are great to remove odors as well as becoming natural compost.

Secret Uses for Coffee Ground 3 : Around the House
Coffee grounds absorb food odors

You can also use the coffee grounds to clean up kitchen counters. Sprinkle the grounds to a cleaning cloth and you can use it to scrub food stains from dishes or counters.

The grounds are abrasive in nature but they aren’t harsh so your kitchen surface won’t be scratched. However, NEVER scrub the coffee grounds to cracks. It may cause some stain, instead!

If you have never used the coffee grounds for any of the things above, maybe it’s time to try it now.

Don’t throw away the used coffee grounds just like that. Now that you already know the many uses for coffee grounds, make use of them.

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