How To Make Coffee in a Coffee Pot and Some Alternative Ways

Knowing the proper methods on how to make coffee in a coffee pot can help you with the flexibility and easiness in fixing up your cup of Joe every time – not just every morning. Most people may depend on their coffee maker or coffee machine to make the coffee but there are actually other ways that you can try – just in case your coffee machine stops working.

Knowing the various other alternatives can help. You, at least, don’t have to stop making your favorite cup even when your machine isn’t working.

How to Make Coffee in a Coffee Pot at Home

You probably have depended on your coffee machine for years to make the coffee, but then again, not everything has forever time span. The coffee maker can stop working or it may experience damage to its system. When it happens, you have other ways to fix up your coffee instead of relying on the machine.

If you are a person who needs to consume a cup of Joe to start the day (and to function), then the knowledge of how to make coffee in a coffee pot can really help.

How To Make Coffee in a Coffee Pot
How To Make Coffee in a Coffee Pot

Of course, the best way to make the coffee is to use the appropriate device and tools, such as the coffee maker or French press. But in case you don’t have them, no need to rush to the store and make an extra spending. Here are some alternative methods that you can try.

Using the Saucepan

If you are low on the budgets and you want to fix up a cup of coffee real quick, heating them up on the stove can actually work. You only need the basic stuff like ladle, spoon, small saucepan, water, and coffee grounds.

Saucepan to Make Coffee
Saucepan to Make Coffee

When you pour the water, exceed it a little bit because you will lose some of the water to soaking the coffee grounds and boiling. If you are familiar with the amount of water used in the coffee maker, use the same amount for this method.

Once you have immersed the coffee grounds, stir it with the spoon or ladle. Use the medium-high heat and make sure to boil the coffee. But make sure that you keep stirring the coffee grounds so you will prevent burning the ones located on the bottom. Boil the coffee for around 2 minutes.

Once you have turned the stove off, remove the pot from the stove right away, but then let it sit for 4 minutes. This will make the grounds to be collected at the bottom.

By using the ladle, you can scoop the coffee to the mug – don’t take the grounds along. In the event that you don’t have the ladle, simply pour the coffee slowly. If you have a strainer with small holes, you can use it to prevent the coffee grounds from entering the mug.

The Cowboy System

If you have the regular pot, the Cowboy method would be the perfect option on how to make coffee in a coffee pot. It is called this name because of the simplicity and flexibility, not because you need to have your own cowboy hat or horse.

You only need the water, pot or kettle, spoon, and coffee grounds to make one. As you can see, you can use the basic utensil and item without any fussy procedures.

making coffee with Cowboy System

You need to place a tablespoon (of the grounds) for one coffee serving. Add 8 oz of water per serving and don’t forget to stir it well. Place the kettle on the stove and boil it. Wait for 2 minutes to boil. Afterward, remove it and let it be for 4 minutes so the grounds will sink to the bottom of the pot.

You can use the strainer to prevent some grounds to enter the mug. But if you prefer the cowboy method, allowing some grounds won’t hurt. After all, it is the cowboy style.

Other Ways

Aside from the knowledge of how to make coffee in a coffee pot, there are also other methods to make the coffee. One of them is using the microwave.

You only need to have a microwave, water, and coffee grounds to create a tasty coffee. Pour the water to the mug and heat it for 2 minutes inside the microwave. The result should be very hot water but not to the point of boiling.

Have one tablespoon of grounds and stir it. Don’t be surprised to hear the sizzling sound at first you add it. Let your mug for 4 minutes. Let the coffee grounds sit on the bottom. After 4 minutes, you can enjoy the coffee. Just don’t drink it to the last sip to avoid the coarse ground.

As you can see, these alternative methods can be handy when your machine stops working or you just want to try out another method.  Now that you already know how to make coffee in a coffee pot, which one will you try first?

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