How to Use Aeropress and Make Tasty Beverage

Have you ever wanted to know how to use Aeropress? You need to remember that there are different ways and method of brewing the coffee. Although the French press is the most popular way, you can also use the Aeropress to create a tasteful cup of Joe in such a short time without compromising quality. On the contrary to what people believe, Aeropress can make your coffee making process easier and simpler. After all, there are so many benefits to enjoy from it. Read on and learn more!

The Basic Advantages

Aeropress use benefits
Aeropress use benefits

Knowing how to use Aeropress is related to the perks you can get from using the device. Let’s face it; everything we have has its own function and benefits. After all, why would anyone buy the Aeropress if it doesn’t have any use at all? So, what can you expect from using the Aeropress?

  • You can enjoy the smoother brew. The coffee ground will be completely immersed and nothing will be left drying. Because of this system, you can expect full and fast flavor extraction – which will affect your coffee enjoyment
  • You can enjoy the faster brewing moment. You only need to use medium water or water with moderate temperature for the immersion. You don’t need to use very hot water. And let’s not forget that you can cut off the filtering time, thanks to the air pressure.
  • If you like the less acidic coffee, then Aeropress would be the perfect device for you. Because of the smoother process and the faster time, you can expect a less acidic result. When compared to the conventional brewing system, the result is quite significant.
  • The device is pretty portable and easily carried around. Just like the French Press, the Aeropress is portable and light. There are also variants with their own tote bag or carrying bag. This is definitely handy when you have a sudden coffee craving.
  • The device is pretty affordable – even inexpensive. The device is manual and it doesn’t require any electricity. There are also different variants available – from $150 to more than $500. Basically, if you want the premium coffee without spending too much money, this would be the perfect option.
  • The result is great – for everyone. Whether you are old or young, an experienced coffee fan or a newbie in coffee enjoyment, you would agree that the result is tasty and rich.

How to Use the Device

How to use Aeropress
How to use Aeropress

So, how to use Aeropress, really? Here is the breakdown for the steps:

  • Boil the water. Prepare the coffee grounds. It would be best if the ground coffee has finer texture compared to the sea salt.
  • Place the paper filter on the plastic cap (it is detachable)
  • Use a little of the hot water to wet the cap and the filter. The water will make the filter attached to the cap. Moreover, it will also heat the brewing device up. When you do this, it can be difficult. Just hold the cap on the ear and pour the water slowly. Let the filter absorb it.
  • Construct the Aeropress together. Everything should be dry or the seal can be compromised
  • Place the device on the scale. It would be efficient to place the flared end facing up to the weight measurement can go smoother and easier.
  • Add the coffee
  • Turn your timer on. And add twice the water weight. For instance, if you have 15 grams of coffee, then you should add 30 grams of water. It should be 200 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Check whether the coffee is completely immersed in water and evenly saturated. Let it be for 30 seconds.
  • The remaining water should go to the chamber.
  • Wait for a minute and then stir the grounds
  • Place the cap and fasten it. Slip it and start applying pressure. You should feel a bit of resistance as you do this. When you hear a hissing sound, it means that the brewing has completed.
  • Remove the cap and you are done

As you can see, the whole process is pretty simple and easy, right?

Handy and Useful Tips

There are also other useful tips on how to use Aeropress to create a tasteful coffee

  • Stop right away when you hear the hissing sound. The sound means that the plunging has squeezed all the coffee grounds. If you continue plunging even after the hissing sound, you only add the unnecessary extra stuff to the coffee, which will make the taste astringent, bitter, and flavorless. If you want to create a tasty result, stop right away after the hiss.
  • Aeropress is different from the true bigger espresso machine. You may see Aeropress being advertised as a true espresso maker, but every coffee lover knows it isn’t true. However, you can get a pretty close result to the true espresso. Just don’t expect too much.
  • The metal and reusable filter is a complete game changer. It is easy to clean and wash and it affects the quality taste of the coffee. Don’t underestimate it.

As you can see, this device has its own use and benefits. Will you still buy one after you have learned about how to use Aeropress efficiently?

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