How To Roast Coffee Beans Properly at Home

Why should you learn how to roast coffee beans at home? First of all, it gives you the freedom to roast your beans as the way you like it – whether it is dark or light, whether it is bitter or sweet, and such thing alike.

Moreover, when you buy the already roasted beans, you may not be able to enjoy the rich and flavorful taste that you have expected.

When you are able to roast your own beans at home, you can make a fresh coffee and a cup of high-quality Joe – similar to the ones you like to buy from your favorite coffee joints.

Different Home Roasting Methods and Guide

Do you know that there are actually different kinds of methods and ways to roast the coffee beans at home? You don’t need to have fancy equipment – a simple girl or pan should be enough.

Or if you are a serious coffee lover and you have the budgets, you can have your own roasting machine.

How To Roast Coffee Beans
How To Roast Coffee Beans

Basic Guide on How to Roast Coffee Beans at Home

  • You can always use the popcorn machine. But you need to remember that popcorn machine isn’t exactly designed for roasting the coffee beans. It is possible that the machine will break after continuous roasting use and it may be broken.
  • If you are going to use any machine (including the popcorn machine), the heat should come from the side instead of the bottom. If the heat is from the bottom, it will result in the uneven and weak roast. Moreover, the chaff collection can also ignite and then cause the house fire.
  • You should always be there when the machine is working. Leaving it unattended is dangerous. Don’t forget to clean the chaff in between the roasting process.
  • It is advisable that you really buy the roasting machine if you do have the budgets. The result will definitely be better than the regular popcorn machine.

The Basic Guide for Roasting

  • The best temperature for the roasting is between 350 degrees Fahrenheit and 500 degrees Fahrenheit. But it depends on the method that you are using.
  • To get the best result (even roast and even heat distribution), you need to constantly stir the beans. They can’t roast and rest.
  • Expect to hear the first sound of crack in between the first 3 minutes to 5 minutes. The cracking sounds are the sign that the beans have been roasted slightly – which is perfect for white coffee. If you want darker results, continue agitating and roasting.
  • The second crack should be expected after a few minutes. This is the medium roast. If you continue longer, your beans will be unusable and burnt. Here is a good tip: Wait for around 30 minutes after the second crack and stop.
  • Immediately remove the beans after you have stopped roasting. Transfer the beans to baking paper or a colander (made from metal) so the beans can cool off. It is better to use 2 colanders so you can shake and then transfer the beans in order to cool them quickly – not to mention that it can remove the chaff efficiently.
  • When you remove the chaff, do it over the sink because it is messy. Or even better, you can do it outside.

Different Methods of Roasting

The first one in how to roast coffee beans is to use the pan or grill. You simply place and spread the beans on the pan and then turn the heat on. It is inexpensive and the process can be quite fast.

However, this method can create a smoky result. Not to mention that it is quite difficult to get the correct temperature and consistent outcome.

If you are using this method, be prepared with overcooking possibility – because it likely happens!

Coffee Roasting
Coffee Roasting

Doing it is pretty simple. Make sure that the windows are open and the ventilation is working well. Place the pan or grill on medium heat and add the beans – not too much or little. Just enough that you can stir them well.

Don’t stop stirring and wait for the first crack. And then wait for the second crack. After it happens, remove the beans to the metal colander. Leave it be for 12 hours.

The second method is using the oven for the roasting. You simply use the available equipment but the result can be very smoky. Not to mention that it is difficult to get the flawless roast.

This method is also slower when compared to other DIY ways. So, how to roast coffee beans with the oven?

First, just preheat it to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Then open all access on the oven and spread the beans on the tray.

Then listen for the first and second crack. And the remaining steps are just the same.

There are also other methods of using the popcorn machine and the roasting machine. Make sure to read the guidance properly so you can come up with the ideal roasting result.

There is more than one way on how to roast coffee beans so which one do you like the most?

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