How To Make Iced Coffee at Home Like a Pro

The knowledge of how to make iced coffee at home properly and correctly can be advantageous, especially if you are looking for a tasty beverage during hot weather or summer days. You are probably wondering why your favorite iced coffee from the restaurant can be so tasty (and also costly) – and you can’t imitate the recipes at home.

Well, most people are making mistakes by pouring the hot coffee on top of the ice and then dilute it – hoping to get a similar result. Making a tasty iced tea isn’t complicated or difficult but it isn’t that simple either. There are certain recipes and guidance that you should follow if you are hoping to get a tasty and refreshing drink. Once you know the recipes and the tips on how to make iced coffee, you may want to make your own and stop buying.

How To Make Iced Coffee Like a Pro

How To Make An Iced Coffee at Home Like a Pro
How To make iced coffee at Home Like a Pro

Here are some simple but effective tips to make your own favorite Joe at home:

  • Quality coffee beans will produce a high-quality flavor. If you choose the premium coffee beans, you will only enjoy the best taste. Sure, these beans are generally costlier but when you compare buying them and buying the iced coffee, you are actually saving quite a lot of money.
  • Learn to flavor your coffee like a pro. There are tons of videos and tutorials on how to make flavored syrups, milk froth, or coffee creamers. You can try them and see which one you like the most – plus, you get to learn all of those cool stuff.
  • Make coffee cubes. You can make use of the leftover coffee to the cube tray. When you are making coffee, the coffee ice cubes will enhance the flavor of the coffee instead of diluting it. You can also get creative by sprinkling chocolate or cinnamon to the ice cubes before you put them into the freezer.
  • Learn to make cold brew. You should understand that iced coffee and cold brew are two different things. Who knows? You may like the cold brew after you try it. There are also sources for you to learn making one so have a go.
  • Make a lot of batches. People often make one ‘portion’ of the coffee when they make it at home. Why not trying a double portion so the taste will remain strong even with the ice and the milk? You may not have to double the coffee grounds, but it doesn’t hurt to add extra – when compared to your regular portion.

Iced Coffee Facts

Do you know that cold brew is the best option for making iced coffee? You see, when the hot coffee cools down, it will make the coffee acidic or bitter. The longer it takes to cool down, the more acidic it will be. If you can speed up the cooling time, it’s better. What’s better is the cold brew so you won’t have to deal with bitter coffee.

iced Coffee at Home Like a Pro
iced Coffee at Home Like a Pro

There are reasons why the cold brew may be better for iced coffee.

  • If you make iced coffee from hot water, you basically will release more acidic flavors and oils, resulting in the bitter flavor.
  • If you make iced coffee from the cold brew, you use cold water. It will retain the acids and oils, resulting in the mellow and smooth flavor
  • Cold brew is gentler for people with the sensitive stomach. Moreover, the cold brewing process will retain the natural sweetness of the coffee, which is good for those trying to cut off sugar or sweetener. If you are thinking about losing weight, then iced coffee may be the best option for you.

So, if you are sure about making the cold brew, be sure to plan ahead. It takes 12 hours (min) to 24 hours (max) for the brew to get set before using it.

Cold Brew Recipe

Here are the things you need on how to make iced coffee from the cold brew:

  • 4 cups of filtered water
  • A cup of ground coffee (the medium one)
  • One quart sized of French press or Mason Jar
  • One cheesecloth or coffee filter
  • A container from glass to store the coffee
  • Ice cubes

Add the ground coffee to the French press or Mason Jar and then add filtered water. Stir it well and let it be inside the fridge for at least 12 hours – 24 hours max. Then you can strain the coffee grounds with the filter or through the cheesecloth. Keep it in the container.

When you are ready to make the iced coffee, just pour some of it to the ice. And voila! Your iced coffee will be ready. The unused cold brew can be kept for 2 weeks inside the fridge. Make sure not to add cream or milk before the store so the cold brew won’t spoil. As you can see, it takes only an extra effort to make your own original and pure iced coffee – and it won’t cost you a fortune. So, once you know how to make iced coffee, are you ready to make one?

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