How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

Learning and knowing how to make cold brew coffee can be quite advantageous, especially if you are an iced coffee lover. Isn’t it nice to enjoy a tasty and cold beverage that can give you a punch of energy and power during the blazing hot day?

What even better is if you can make one at home! You don’t have to worry about spending a fortune – and you can make as much as you want. The money can be used for other things and you can still enjoy the refreshment. You may also want to find out what is the difference between cold brew vs iced coffee, check it out on the link.

The Thing about Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee
Cold Brew Coffee

If you think that you can always make a warm cup of coffee on your own and then throw in the ice cubes to get the tasty effect, then be prepared to be disappointed.

You can always try the easy way but don’t expect the result to be perfect – like the tasty iced coffee from your favorite coffee shops.

On the contrary, you will only get the murky and watery iced coffee.

Learning how to make cold brew coffee will make your coffee delicious and fresh – far from being bitter or watery. Don’t insist on the warm coffee because the end result will be just the same.

On the contrary, the cold brew will make sure that your coffee will be smooth and it will remain tasty (and also cold) for many hours afterward.

No need to worry. You don’t have to be a professional and trained barista to create a tasty iced coffee. You don’t even need to buy any fancy equipment or expensive tools. Just the regular one will be enough.

Reasons to Make Cold Brew Coffee

How to make Cold Brew Coffee
How to make Cold Brew Coffee

There are some reasons why you should learn about how to cold brew coffee.

  • It offers some benefits and advantages. In making the cold brew, it involves an infusion process.The slow process will extract the pure flavor and leave the not-so-good compounds (such as sour and bitterness) on the beans. As the result, your iced coffee will be smooth.You can even expect a natural sweetness in it. That’s why the cold brew is perfect for the iced coffee.
  • You have the freedom and also the flexibility to adjust the cold brew concentration. Whether you want a weaker result or a stronger one, the decision is up to you.Here is a tip: You can try mixing 4 cups of water with a cup of the bean. This is the generated standard that should suit anyone’s preference.Most importantly, it is perfect when you want to mix it up with milk or syrup or ice. What if the ratio doesn’t meet you like? No need to worry – just take it down or step it high.
  • It gives you plenty of free time in the morning. This cold brew coffee is perfect for a large batch.In most cases, you should make it at the weekends so you will be ready for cold coffee every morning during the weekdays.Some of the friends I know even have more than one jar of cold brew stored inside the fridge so they won’t have to worry about a thing during their weekdays.

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee Process

The idea of making a cold brew is to immerse the coffee grounds in water and let it steep.

Leave it for 12 hours to 24 hours and you will have your cold brew. The first thing to do is to grind the coffee beans in a coarse texture.

You can do it  at the coffee bean shop or at home – provided that you have the grinder. Mix it with water and let it steep.

During the process, the coffee will infuse slowly to the water. As the result, the brew will be concentrated, rich, and strong.

All you have to do is to strain it and save everything in a clean jar inside the refrigerator. Those are the basic steps on how to cold brew coffee.

Some Handy Tips

coffee beans
coffee beans

When you already have your batch of cold brew, you can simply serve it over ice cubes, with milk, or syrup – or even add other toppings (cinnamon, cocoa, etc). If you want to successfully make the cold brew, here are the things you should do:

  • Make sure that the coffee beans are ground coarsely. If it gets too fine, it will result in bitter and muddy coffee.Rougher or coarser cornmeal is the idea shape and form
  • If it is possible, use filtered water. If you have cleaner water, the result will also cleaner and somewhat sweeter.
  • Steep the coffee ground for at least 12 hours. It is the minimum hours to get the finer result.Of course, you can cut it off but only a bit. If you only let the steep happens for, let’s say, 7 hours or 8 hours, the result won’t be maximum.
  • Make ice coffee cubes. When you include these cubes in your coffee, it won’t dilute it or make it watery.Instead, it will enhance the flavor.

Now that’s how to make cold brew coffee. We hope you enjoy our post and ofcourse your cold brew coffee! Cheers!