How to Make Coffee with a French Press Easily

Knowing how to make coffee with a french press can be a rewarding experience. The process is pretty simple and straightforward – and in the end, you can enjoy the hot and tasty cup of coffee.

Whether you like it in the morning, in the afternoon, or during supper, knowing how to make coffee with a french press can be enjoying.

Moreover, if you do like the coffee and yet you don’t really want to spend a lot of money, knowing how to operate the french press can be handy and useful. It is an inexpensive way to make yourself a warm coffee and you don’t need to spend tons of money. It’s like a win-win solution for everyone, right?

What Is a French Press?

A french press is basically a device to make the cup of coffee. The device will steep the coffee grounds in (hot) water. With the plunger, you can press the coffee grounds out and filter them out.

As the result, you can enjoy the warm coffee liquid – whether you like it pure and bare, or whether you want to add milk, syrup, or other items.

 French Press Coffee
French Press Coffee

A French press is another alternative to the drip coffee maker, which is another way of making the coffee. Both of them are easy and simple and inexpensive – perfect for people who want to enjoy a large batch of coffee without spending a lot of money.

Moreover, the device allows you to brew your favorite Joe the way you like it. Do you want to bold and strong? Do you want to make it light and milky? All of these things are possible if you can operate the French press.

Despite the flexibility and easiness, you should be prepared for the oiliness and bitterness. Sure, you can make quite a big batch of coffee for a lot of people, but then again, oily coffee is common because the coffee grounds have been immersed in the hot water for quite some time. For some people, it is a problem – they don’t really like the oil.

How to Make Coffee with a French Press

How to Make Coffee with a French Press
French Press Great Coffee

There are some important elements in how to make coffee with a french press You need to consider the right ground coffee and the water temperature. These two factors are pretty important in making high-quality French press coffee.

Unfortunately, these factors are also the easiest ones to forget and ignored. Most people think that they only need to use the hot water and whatever coffee grounds they find at the market. This factor alone will affect the quality of the coffee (especially the flavor and tastiness) and also the final texture.

If the water temperature is too high, it can burn the grounds, creating a bitter and smoky taste. But if it is too tepid, it won’t extract the grounds completely.

The same problem can happen to the coffee grounds. The bad one can create too much grit that would make the coffee bitter and muddy.

If you want to address these issues, you need to have a burr grinder so you can grind your own coffee beans. Knowing the best temperature will also help improving the taste of the coffee.

If you want to fix the water temperature issue, just let the water for a while after it boils. Let it be for a minute and then use it for brewing.

If you already have your own grinder, but not the burr grinder, you may want to consider changing it. You see, a burr grinder will create evenly sized (and rather medium) grains.

If the grains are too small, they can pass the French press filter and become a sediment on your coffee cup. You don’t want this to happen.

That’s why the burr grinder will create a perfect size of the grains so your coffee won’t be too bitter. These are some common issues – as well as the solutions – on how to make French press coffee at home.

Knowing the Ratio and Proportions

A common French press can make 32 oz of coffee, which is enough to serve 4 portions. But here is the guide for the right proportion and serving.

  • For 1 serving, you can use a cup of water (8 oz) and 2 tablespoons of beans
  • For 2 servings, you can use 2 cups (16 oz) and ¼ cup of beans
  • For 4 servings, you can use 4 cups and ½ cup of beans
  • For 8 servings, you can use 8 cups and a cup of beans

If you want to make a tasty coffee, it would be better to clean and preheat the French press first. Sure, you may have washed it but it would be better to wash it with hot water before using it – making sure that there is no remaining particles are left.

Moreover, if you aren’t going to drink it right away, pour the coffee inside a carafe. If you leave it too long inside the French press, it will be too bitter.

Those are the basic methods and ways on how to make coffee with a french press at home without compromising quality and taste.