How To Make a Macchiato – The Controversy Of The Beverage

Before you learn how to make a macchiato, it is better to know the history. There is a basic confusion that people often encounter.

Some people believe that macchiato is a part of the classic coffee brew while some believe that it is more to the modern category. So, it is better to dig into the facts so your coffee knowledge can add up and increase.

The Basic Confusion

How to Make Macchiato

Do you know that cappuccino, mocha, and latte are considered almost similar? It includes the way they are prepared and made, which has been the same since the time of their creation.

You can always add the extra items, such as spices, syrups, and much more – but you have to admit that the recipes are pretty basic and they aren’t changed for quite a while.

However, there is one recipe that is pretty flexible and it has changed quite a lot from the original recipe: It is the macchiato. What is it, anyway?

Well, when we are talking about macchiato, we need to talk about espresso. Bold espresso is generally served only in 4 oz size because of the strong flavor.

Naturally, you are free to drink the espresso on its own. However, it can also be used for the ‘background’ or the base of other coffee-based beverage.

When you add milk to espresso, you are changing the flavor a bit – only a bit because it would be impossible for the milk to overpower the strong flavor of espresso.

So, how to make it? Macchiato was born in an accident. You see, when baristas had to prepare espresso, they had to mark the ones with milk from the one without.

The one with milk was called macchiato, an Italian word for stained coffee. Despite the accidental birth, it turns out that this macchiato beverage is liked and soon became very popular.

Macchiato is liked in Europe, America, Ethiopia, and other places around the globe.

Understanding More of Macchiato

About Macchiato
About Macchiato

The meaning of stained coffee is quite specific and pretty accurate. A serving of macchiato is basically an espresso with a tad small amount of steamed milk.

Is it different from latte? Yes, it is. When you compare macchiato with the latte, you will notice that the previous one is tumble and rough while the latter is smooth and silky.

If you love the intensity and dark flavor, then macchiato will be your perfect drink. It is bold and rich and strong. If you like it bold and strong but you aren’t ready for the espresso just yet, then you may like the macchiato.

Some of the Favorable Variants

As it was mentioned before, there are some variants of macchiato because of its flexibility. The purest one (sitting on the highest place) is the pure espresso.

Below that, you have a macchiato. After that, you have cappuccino and latte. And on the last spot, you have mocha along with its choco syrup.

And as if it weren’t enough, we have the so-called fake macchiato. You probably have ordered one from Starbucks, known as the caramel macchiato.

It’s not really a macchiato because the process of making one is actually a bit complicated. But the regular process for making a cup of macchiato is to star with vanilla syrup and steamed milk – which is already considered wrong.

And then you add the espresso, and the foamed milk and then the caramel syrup. For hardcore coffee lovers, this is just so wrong – but then again, people have their own preference and like.

Who are we to judge?

caramel macchiato
caramel macchiato

For the hardcore coffee lovers, the iced macchiato caramel is even more ridiculous.

Instead of foamed and steamed milk, you get coffee with ice and cold milk. This kind of recipe, however, has its own fans and lovers especially during hot summers and warm weathers.

Yes, it is delicious and refreshing but for serous coffee lovers, this type of macchiato isn’t real. But we have different kinds of people with their own preference, so it feels just right to leave the macchiato just like it.

Knowing How to Make a Macchiato at Home

If you know how to make an espresso or a latte at home, then you can make experiments with the macchiato.

Basically, it depends on the amount of milk. If you add a lot of milk, then it is a latte. If you only add a little, then it is macchiato.

The key strength of the beverage isn’t on the milk mixture or whatsoever, but the espresso. So, if you want to make a tasty and punchy beverage, learn to make espresso correctly and you can continue from there.

Making the steamed and frothy milk is relatively easier when compared to making the correct espresso.

If you want to make experiments, there are tons of different macchiato recipes out there – cold or hot. Learning how to make a macchiato can enrich your knowledge and experience in fixing your own favorite beverage.

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