How to Brew Coffee at Home with The Right Way

Do you know how to brew coffee properly and correctly? Most people probably think that brewing coffee is just a matter of tossing the coffee grounds to the coffee maker, add some hot water, and wait for it to produce the (almost) perfect coffee. Well, if you are carelessly doing so, your coffee will taste nothing but the murky water.

If you want to create premium and high-quality coffee, there are certain steps and ways to make sure that you aren’t making a slight mistake in the preparation. So, where should we start?

Coffee Guidance and Making

You need to understand that coffee is personal – it means that you should make one the way you like it. Whether it is black and bitter or creamy and sweet, you should know how to fix one up so your morning can be perfect – and you can start the day feeling jolly and happy.

How to Brew Coffee at Home
How to Brew Coffee at Home

If you are going to make coffee at home, make sure that every element is wisely covered. For instance, you should pay attention to the equipment. Whatever tools or equipment you have (coffee maker, drip filter, grinder, etc), make sure that you clean them thoroughly after you have used them.

You should rinse them with hot and clear water and use the absorbent towel to dry them up. Make sure that there is no coffee ground being left, so a build-up is a big no-no. Any remaining coffee grounds will make the next one taste rancid and bitter – this is the last thing you want from your coffee.

Coffee Beans Consideration

Roasting Coffee beans
Roasting Coffee beans

The next consideration in how to brew coffee properly and correctly is to pay attention to the beans. Great coffee comes from great beans, so be sure that you choose the –high-quality coffee that you want. Since there are so many different kinds of roast, you should browse around for the valid source of roasting guide types. Don’t forget that each coffee bean has a different flavor, depending on:

  • The roasting type
  • The ground texture
  • The variety of the coffee beans – whether it is a blend, the Robusta, or Arabica
  • The region and country of origin

Freshness plays a crucial matter in making the tasty and premium coffee. If you buy a roasted coffee, make sure you do it right away after it is roasted. Just buy the small pack – usually enough for one or two weeks, top. No need to buy the bigger package. And make sure that you know how to store the grounds properly and correctly. It will make your coffee stay flavorful and fresh.

It’s important NEVER to reuse the grounds. Once you have brewed the grounds, you have extracted everything from them. It is safe to say that there is nothing left from the coffee grounds. So when you reuse the grounds, you will only create a bitter cup of Joe. Nobody wants a bitter coffee!

According to coffee addicts and lovers, it is best to buy the coffee beans and grind them by yourself at home. Why? Because it gives you the chance to grind the beans and immediately brew it to preserve the freshness and tastiness.  Of course, you are free to buy the ground coffee, if you prefer it that way. But when compared to grinding your own coffee beans, the result will be different.

That’s why it would be great to have your own coffee grinder at home – whether it is the burr grinder or the blade type. Although most people would prefer the burr grinder, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use your blade one.

No matter which grinder to use, make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s directions and recommendations for proper use. It is for your own safety as well as the quality of the coffee. In learning how to brew coffee properly, you should pay attention to the size of the grounds because they will affect the taste.

If your coffee tastes flat, it probably means that the coffee grounds are too coarse, leading to under extraction. If the coffee tastes bitter, it maybe because of the grounds is too fine, leading to over-extraction. Pay attention to how you use the grinder and the result.

Water Consideration

Water also plays a hugely important role in creating tasteful coffee. The best way to create premium coffee is to use bottled or filtered water. If your tap water is clean and pure, that’s fine. But if it isn’t, then you need to come up with a solution.

The best way to use tap water is to run it first and let it be for some seconds. Then you can fill the coffee pot with it. Softened or distilled water isn’t perfect for this kind of coffee brewing method. Don’t forget to pay attention to the water temperature as well as water and coffee grounds ratio. They are all important.

As you can see, making coffee at home can be both easy and fun or complicated and difficult. But if you want to make a premium coffee, the knowledge of how to brew coffee can really help – and you can make a cup of coffee like a pro!

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