How Much Caffeine in Starbucks Coffee

How Much Caffeine in Starbucks Coffee, Know Your Limit

You are probably a regular at Starbucks and you enjoy all kinds of coffee variants they have – leading to a question of how much caffeine in Starbucks coffee. For some people, this kind of question isn’t a big of a deal. They don’t care about how much caffeine inside the beverage as long as it can give them the energy boost they need.

However, some people are very conscious about the beverage they have and how much caffeine content it has. So, if you are a true loyal Starbucks regular, it doesn’t hurt to dig more about this info.

How Much Caffeine in Starbucks Coffee?

Starbucks Caffeine
Starbucks Caffeine

If you ever wonder how much caffeine in Starbucks coffee, rumor has it that the coffee chain business has higher caffeine level when compared to other establishments. The information was gathered from their app, independent lab tests, their website, and also in-store leaflets. However, you should remember that the level of caffeine depends on the blend and the origin of the beans. The treatment of the beans can also affect the amount of caffeine. I guess the coffee chain has a good treatment that will preserve the quality of the coffee as well as the taste.

Here are some lists of the caffeine contents of their hot beverage options:

Name of beverage Short (for 8 oz) Tall (12 oz) Grande (16 oz) Venti (24 oz)
Brewed Pike Place 155 mg 235 mg 310 mg 410 mg
Blonde Roast 180 mg 270 mg 360 mg 475 mg
Cafe Americano 75 mg 150 mg 225 mg 300 mg
Blonde Caffee Latte 85 mg 85 mg 170 mg 170 mg
Featured Dark Roast 130 mg 195 mg 260 mg 340 mg
Cardio Mocha 155 mg 155 mg 315 mg 320 mg
Blonde Cappuccino 85 mg 85 mg 170 mg 170 mg

The K-Cups Variants

Don’t forget that Starbucks is coming with tons of different products. And the K-cups are one of them. The coffee pods are quite popular and liked, mostly because of practicality and efficiency. So, what about how much caffeine in Starbucks coffee? In general, the coffee pods contain 130 mg (caffeine) for the 8 oz of a cup. If you choose the Starbucks Plus, you will choose twice the caffeine level with 260 mg within 8 oz of the cup. For the Plus variant, it contains coffee as well as the extra coffee extract.

T Cup variant
T Cup variant

If you choose the lighter roast, the caffeine will be actually more. On the contrary, if you choose the darker type, it will contain less caffeine. Keep in mind, though, that there are various levels of caffeine in each beverage, so the 130 mg and 260 mg of caffeine are basically the standard average amount.

The numbers of shots will also determine the amount of caffeine inside the coffee. For instance, all of the espresso-based beverages show that Cappuccino and a tall Latte has only one shot (of coffee). The amount of caffeine for the 12 oz cup is basically low and weak – compared to the brewed coffee (within a similar size).  In most cases, coffee vendors like to serve double shots for 8 oz of size ( at least) – and it includes the regular takeaway sizes. So, if you say that Starbucks coffee has higher caffeine level than other types of coffee, that’s not necessarily always true.

Level of Caffeine for Iced Teas, Iced Coffees, Refreshers, and Frappucinos

Besides the coffee-based drinks, there are also other types of beverages to find at Starbucks. Here are some of the examples.

Name of beverage Tall (12 oz) Grande (16 oz) Venti (20 oz) Trenta (30 mg)
Cold Brew Coffee 155 mg 205 mg 310 mg 360 mg
Vanilla Cream Sweet Cold Brew 140 mg 185 mg 275 mg 320 mg
Salted Cream Cold Foam 140 mg 185 mg 275 mg 320 mg
Caramel Flan Frapp 65 mg 90 mg 125 mg
Strawberries and Creme 0 mg 0 mg 0 mg
Green Tea Creme 50 mg 70 mg 95 mg
Teavana Iced Green Tea 30 – 35 mg 40 – 45 mg 60 – 65 mg 85 – 90 mg
Oprah Iced Chai Latte 40 mg 50 mg 75 mg
Chocolate Milk 20 mg 25 mg 40 mg

Don’t forget that Struck also has their own canned and bottled drinks. How much caffeine in Starbucks coffee?  Let’s take a look at some examples of the lists.

Name of Beverage Size Caffeine content in mg
Starbucks iced bottled coffee 11 floz 110 – 160
Bottled cold brew 9 floz 190
Canned Doubleshot Espresso 6.5 floz 110
Canned Doubleshot salted Caramel 6.5 floz 70
Doubleshot Coffee and Protein 8 floz 110
Canned Doubleshot and Energy White Choco 15 floz 145
Classics Caffe Mocha 8 floz 85
Tazo Black Tea with lemon 13.8 floz 30 – 45

There is a long list of beverage complete with their caffeine level and content if you want to check the official website. Knowing how much caffeine in Starbucks coffee can help you make a wise and educated decision of which drink to choose.

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