Coffee Breath and How to Prevent It

So, you really like your coffee but you hate the idea that you will have a coffee breath later on. Sure, having a warm Joe before starting your day can be fun – it is definitely an eye opener.

But then again, you don’t want to ruin the morning with the bad breath from the coffee – especially not when you have an important meeting coming up.

Doesn’t it bother you to think about how can such a useful and tasty thing can turn into a foul source of halitosis? No need to worry, though, because there are actually some ways to deal with it.

Coffee Breath Facts

In reality, it is not only coffee that leaves an odor behind. Everything that we drink or eat will leave some odors behind – some are just too stronger when compared to the others.

But why coffee is often considered responsible for the bad breath? What causes coffee breath, anyway?

First of all, coffee makes the environment inside your mouth dry. Caffeine is responsible for the reduced activities of saliva production.

When there is not enough saliva inside the mouth, it leads to higher bacteria level because they will thrive in a dry environment.

Since they are everywhere (teeth, inside area of the cheeks, gum, and tongue) and they are responsible for the foul smell of the mouth, it is no wonder if you suffer from the bad breath.

Some coffee will create worse effects. For example, espresso is very concentrated and it tends to linger longer on your mouth like forever!

Coffee with milk isn’t better either because the milk can create acrid smell (from the dairy). It also supports bacterial growth.

How to Solve Coffee Breath Issue

From the explanation above, one of the main reasons for the coffee breath is the dryness. Then you need to fight it with enough hydration.

Drink water before, during, and after your coffee session. It may seem like a lot of fluid, but let’s face it: coffee is diuretic so you may as well drink a lot because you are going to the bathroom, anyway.

By keeping your mouth hydrated, you can at least avoid the bad breath issue.

Moreover, you can also chew something else that contains minimum additives. A handful of hazelnut or almonds will be enough to make your breath more pleasant – at least more tolerable.

These odor neutralizing snacks like a small piece of ginger, apple slices, a plain roll, or a lemon can help. Ginger candy, lemon candy, or ginger cookie can also help.

Coffee Breath - Ginger
Coffee Breath – Ginger

Some people may take the lemon peel with their espresso. Other may prefer the lemon infuse water after having the coffee – believed to wash away the coffee odor.

Naturally, brushing your teeth after the coffee session will bring back the freshness and the nice smell. However, you can’t always brush your teeth right away after you drink the coffee.

If you can and you have the time, brush your teeth. But if you can’t, the methods above can also help.

In the end, now you know the reason for your bad breath after coffee. And with the provided solutions, hopefully, you can deal with coffee breath in the most pleasant way.

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