Bitter Coffee Problem, the Causes and the Solutions

You are getting tired of your bitter coffee problem and yet you can’t live without the dark liquid. You have no idea how you make everything so wrong that results in the bitter coffee. Here is the fact: Whatever you do (whether it is consciously or unconsciously), it will affect in the final result and taste of your beverage. So you may want to take a quiet time of your own and start thinking of the mistakes that possibly happen when you make the coffee.

Some of the Most Common Mistakes

Bitter Coffee Problem
Bitter Coffee Problem

Steeping is one of the many methods to make coffee. It involves the process when you mix the water with the coffee grounds. It is the opposed of filtered coffee method. Steeping is quite common in press (coffee) makers, like the Aero Press or the French Press. A lot of people have this mistake conception that the longer they steep the coffee, the stronger it will be. Well, the only thing that is strong is the bitter and harsh flavor.

You should time your steeping time. It’s okay to do experiments with different time window too. For instance, try to do it in 6 minutes. If it still feels too bitter, then try to do it in 4 minutes. Consider the water temperature too. The hotter it is, the shorter the steeping time should be. If you can measure the temperature and time the process, it would be great because you may finally reach the ideal result.

Another common bitter coffee problem is the equipment – which isn’t very clean. The equipment to make the coffee should be clean and hygienic so you won’t have to deal with the after-taste and the smell of yesterday’s coffee. When you clean and wash the equipment, try using a little baking soda and a brush to have a cleaner effect. This can be done to a pour over, drip maker, or a French Press. You may also want to try running hot water through the carafe and filter cone right away after you are done brewing. The coffee is still wet and hasn’t dried on the surface.

More Solutions for Bitter Coffee Problem

Boiling Coffee Traditionally
Boiling Coffee Traditionally

Another bitter coffee problem is the unclear water temperature and type of water. You may not realize this but the type of water can affect the final outcome of the coffee. Unfiltered water and distilled water aren’t good for the coffee – the previous one can ruin the taste and the latter one doesn’t have enough mineral.

As it was mentioned earlier, water temperature is also crucial. The ideal one is from 195 degrees Fahrenheit to 205 degrees. The most ideal one is closer to 205 degrees. If you are using a French Press or a pour over (the method requires you to pour water from a certain container or kettle), you want to let the water boil to the full level and let it sit for around 30 seconds before pouring it.

Just use the bottled or filtered spring water and pay attention to the temperature. If you want to, you can also try the cold brew method that can address the bitter coffee problem.

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