Best Coffee for French Press, What Quality You Seek?

Because there are so many options for the best coffee for French press, narrowing down your options can be a struggle. However, if you understand the nature of the French press, including the way it works and operate, the decision to choose the right coffee can be quite easy. Let’s not forget that there are so many contributing and supporting factors (aside from the coffee) that will determine the quality of the coffee itself.

The Convenience of a French Press

A lot of people today prefer to make their own coffee at home because of several reasons. First of all, they are trying to save up money. Second, they want to create the ideal coffee that meets their personal requirements and wants. It would be a bit difficult to ask for the barista to fix up the coffee the way you like it, so making your own sounds like a wise option.

Best Coffee for French Press
Best Coffee for French Press

When people start making their own coffee at home, they usually start from small things with simple tools and devices only. Some people may use the stove and a pan to brew the coffee. Some may be enough with using the French press. This device is actually simple and easy enough for application. You only need to know some of the handiest details and tips to get the best out of your coffee.

The Beans and Quality of Grind

Before we are talking about the best coffee for French press, let’s talk about the importance of coffee beans and the grind quality. A lot of people would buy the already ground coffee from their favorite coffee shops. This isn’t a wrong thing. After all, there are tons of premium coffee out there that is able to produce tasty coffee.

However, if you really want to achieve the best from your coffee, it is better to buy the coffee beans and then grind them by yourself. That’s why you should have a grinder of your own, besides the French press. We reviewed 10 best coffee maker with grinder, you may want to check them out.

When you grind the beans, you will retain the freshness before the oxidization process starts happening. The longer the process happens, the lousier the taste will be. That’s why a fresh coffee is generally ground right before it is brewed and served.

 Coffee bean for French Press,
Coffee bean for French Press,

The best option is to grind your coffee beans in the medium coarse texture. If you grind them too fine, then the result may be too bitter. Too fine coffee grounds will result in bitter – even rancid – taste because the over extraction process happening during the brewing. On the contrary, if you grind the coffee beans too coarse, the result may be too plain. Too many coffee grounds may result in under extraction process during the brewing time. That’s why you need to make sure that the coffee grounds are coming in the right texture in order to produce the right taste and flavor.

Moreover, if you grind your own coffee beans, the results are somehow more perfect for the French press for these reasons:

  • You will make sure that the coffee grounds won’t be too fine that it can still pass through the mesh filter, leading to gritty residue build up in the cup
  • You can create much better and brighter (as well as clearer) flavor of the coffee with your French press.

So, what’s the conclusion of using the right beans for the French press? For the more perfect and better result, it would be wise if you can also do some DIY work by grinding your own coffee beans. Of course, you can also buy the grounds but if your coffee isn’t satisfying or tasty, then you know which element to blame.

Another alternative is to buy the coffee beans from the local coffee shops and ask them to grind the beans. But if you choose this option, you need to buy small packets only – enough for a week or 10 days. Don’t buy too big packets because the flavor will get worse over time and it isn’t getting better, for sure.

Best Coffee for French Press, Some of the Possible Options

When it comes to the best coffee for French press, there are so many options out there. However, there are some products that really stand out among the others. It’s because they are good in quality and they have some of the excellent features.

The first one is the Bulletproof French Kick Coffee. The beans are organic and chemical-free. All of the beans are grown by traditional methods. They are roasted in small numbers, resulting in dark roast that delivers sweet, smooth, and also smoky taste with a hint of chocolate overtone. If you want the perfect coffee for your French press, this name can be your best candidate.

Dark Roast Two Volcanoes coffee information
Dark Roast Two Volcanoes coffee information

Another one is the Dark Roast Two Volcanoes coffee.  The beans originate from Guatemala through organic method. The beans are Robusta and Arabica and they have gone through careful and selective processing and packaging to make sure that flavor and freshness are well preserved. Another good thing that makes this one perfect for the French press is the coarse texture. When you brew it, the result should be smoky, smooth, and somewhat woody.

Those are just some examples of the best coffee for French press. Naturally, there are many options of the best coffee for French press that you can choose and select for your own personal enjoyment.

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