What Is Latte The Delicious Coffee-Based Milky Beverage

Coffee-Based Milky Beverage
What is latte? You probably have seen these long lists of coffee names and you ask yourself, what are they and what is their base, really? And latte is one of the most popular coffee variants that you will see in most coffee joints and coffee chains. I used to wonder what latte is and what specialty it offers. It turns out that latte is a coffee-based beverage with milk.…

How Much Caffeine in Starbucks Coffee, Know Your Limit

How Much Caffeine in Starbucks Coffee
You are probably a regular at Starbucks and you enjoy all kinds of coffee variants they have – leading to a question of how much caffeine in Starbucks coffee. For some people, this kind of question isn’t a big of a deal. They don’t care about how much caffeine inside the beverage as long as it can give them the energy boost they need. However, some people are very conscious…

What Is a Macchiato? Interesting Facts You Should Know

What is a macchiato? You are probably entering your favorite coffee shop and be ready to order your favorite beverage. But then you stop at your track because you see a word that is completely new to you. The new word ‘macchiato’ doesn’t seem familiar and you don’t know what it is. Well, if you have an open mind and you don’t mind trying different kinds of variants, then you…

How Does a French Press Work? Controversy Exposed

How to Make Coffee with French Press
You may have used a French press to make your favorite Joe, but do you really know how does a French press work? A lot of people are always thinking of France when they hear the French press, but they aren’t really related. The first press was used and patented in Italy (in Milan, exactly) 80 years ago. One thing for sure, the press is used to make natural, flavorful,…

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