Best Manual Coffee Grinder Buying Guides And The Advantages

What are the lists of the best manual coffee grinder that is perfect for your needs – and your budgets? People who make their own coffee have their own preference. Some like the automatic machines – auto coffee maker, auto frother, auto grinder, etc.

Some, however, like it manual and traditional. If you are included in the last type, then you should know the possible options for the functional and operational coffee grinder that you can have at home.

The Advantages of Manual Grinder

Best Manual Coffee grinder
Manual Coffee grinder

It may be hard to believe but some people are really into the manual operation for these few (good) reasons:

  • The grinder is generally quiet and noiseless. The auto or electric grinders are quite noisy so it can be annoying for those who have problems with noise, especially in the morning.
  • It brings out the best (and also more) flavor out of the coffee beans. This opinion is arguably, of course, but most coffee connoisseurs believe in this claim
  • The grinder is flexible and handy, especially the portable one. You can take one when you are traveling – plus, you don’t need to worry about the electricity. When you go camping or hiking, this one can be quite handy for you.
  • It gives a more satisfying feeling to serving and making coffee. For a lot of coffee lovers, having a manual grinder gives them a feeling of being ‘complete’ when compared to the electric or automatic devices.

Important Considerations

Manual Coffee grinder
Manual Coffee grinder

You probably have read some of the lists of the best manual coffee grinder, but before you make any decision, there are some important elements to consider.

After all, you can’t just walk into the store and buy the first grinder that you find appealing or interesting without learning the features. A manual grinder, no matter how inexpensive it is, still requires you to spend money.

So, if you want to make a dedicated and smart spending, here are some crucial things to ponder.

  • If you are traveling quite a lot and you like to make your own coffee along the way, you should choose the compact, cylindrical, and sleek grinders to make your travel easier. This kind of grinder is easy to carry and pack – and it doesn’t require a lot of space either. However, if you don’t travel that much and you prefer making your own coffee at home, then go for the sturdier, bigger, and also heavier device.
  • Some grinders are small, compact, and portable while the others are pretty big and wide. The small one can only accommodate a small amount of coffee beans one go. The bigger one can accommodate more – even up to 9 cups. If you like to entertain people or if you like to make coffee in a big batch, then choose the bigger one.
  • Material quality. If you are a home grinder, then go for the ceramic. If you travel quite often, thick plastic or stainless steel may be the best choice. Both stainless steel and ceramics are easy to clean, durable, and stylish in its own way. Without you having to do anything, both of them will look great when placed on the countertop.
  • Grind setting. Do you want your grinder to be able to grind in one way only or do you prefer being able to change settings and textures easily? As long as the grinder is able to deliver consistency and precision, then you are good to go. Just keep in mind that the inexpensive grinders tend to deliver inconsistent result, which significantly affects the flavor and also smell of the coffee. You don’t want this happening to you.
  • The problem with manual grinders is that they often don’t come with warranties. You definitely want to choose a strong and durable machine that won’t break apart after only several times of use.
  • Maintenance and cleanliness. You want a device that is easily cleaned and washed. You want something that is easily maintained. What good does it make to have a stylish and good looking device if you need to struggle with the cleaning every time you want to clean it out?

The Disadvantages

Despite all the good benefits that the manual grinder has, there are some possible flaws and downsides that you will encounter.

  • The device is definitely slower than the electric device. If you are only making coffee for 2 people, it won’t be a problem.
  • The manual operation requires you to spend more efforts. When compared to the electric one (where you only need to press a button or switch on something), you will actually have to break a sweat to produce good coffee grounds.
  • This manual device is a bad idea for those having to make a big amount of coffee. If you have a business or you have to make coffee for more than 3 people every day, then forget the manual device. Don’t trouble yourself.

There are tons of the best manual coffee grinder brands and names out there. Each of them comes with their own specialty, signature style, and benefits. Make sure you have done your own research carefully before narrowing down your option to one name among the best manual coffee grinder lists.

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