Best Espresso Machine for Home, What Things You Should Know?

What is your option for the best espresso machine for home? When you decide to start making your own coffee at home, you should know that you are going to need good help. It means that you are going to need to invest your money on the crucial devices and tools, including the espresso machine. If you want your coffee to be similar in taste and flavor like your favorite cup from the coffee shop, then having your own maker is a must. The espresso machine is a high-end one and it can be quite costly. But then again, if you expect a quality espresso, then it’s the sacrifice you have to make.

Homemade Coffee Making Guidance

Best Espresso Machine for Home
Best Homemade Coffee Making Guidance

It doesn’t matter whether you have the French press or the regular coffee maker or drip filters, you can make quality espresso if you know how.   However, having the espresso machine has its own perks because of the easiness and flexibility offered by the machine – when compared to other devices or methods.

You see, in order to be qualified good, the espresso should be thick and somewhat creamy – without actually having any cream in it. It shouldn’t be runny because it will affect the result and the taste. You don’t want your coffee to taste like mud water, do you? Generally, all espresso machines will force out a small amount of water with nearly boiling condition through the coffee grounds under 9 bar of pressure.

If such a condition is met, then you can get yourself a quality espresso. The characteristics are visible. The espresso would be creamy and thick – and it is packed with caffeine. The real key is the pressure – it what counts to make the authentic and punchy espresso. This is one of the reasons why an espresso machine is better than other methods, such as French press, microwave, or stove top because the espresso machine has the pressure feature.

An espresso machine is available in 2 main kinds, the pump driven and the steam drove. The steam driven machines are divided into two other variants: the pump-less electrical system and the stovetop espresso maker. The more popular type is the pump driven device with various mechanism and systems, such as:

  • Electronic pump. You only need to set out the temperature and then the electricity will pump out the espresso.
  • Manual lever pump. As the name suggests, you have to pump the espresso out manually by hand. No electricity help or whatsoever.
  • Auto pump. This kind of machine usually has you grind the beans and then tamp them to the port filter first. It will then automatically turned on to brew and stop automatically when the procedure completes
  • Semi-auto pump. You will have to grind the beans first and them tamp them to the provided filter. After it is done, then you can turn on the machine. Afterward, you need to pump the button until the water is becoming black. And then you can turn it off.
  • Super auto pump. This is the machine that will take care everything for you. It will automatically grind the beans, tamp the ground to the provided filter, boil the water, push the coffee grounds with pressure, and then even remove the waste – just for you! Such a device is definitely a convenience but it is also super pricey.

Don’t forget about the pod machines that are generally running automatically too. Some people think of it as one of the best espresso machine for home. Think of Nespresso and you only need to pop the pod into its place, press a few buttons, and voila! Your coffee will be ready in just a second. However, the pod machine is generally available for the coffee variants instead of espresso only. But you can always find one for espresso making only.

Picking The Best Espresso Machine for Home

Pump driven espresso maker
Pump driven espresso maker

When it comes to the best espresso machine for home, you want to consider the price too. Yes, the sophisticated machines can be super costly although they can be a real convenient too. If you want to see their division based on price, here are the lists:

  • Steam-driven espresso maker can produce strong coffee but not so much for real espresso. The machines are generally very affordable, sold in between $40 and $60
  • Pump driven espresso maker can produce espresso with the cream top. They have different variations. The semi automaker requires a bit of skill. The price is between $100 and $1,000. The super automaker is easy to use but the price range is higher, set at around $500 to $3,000.

Doing the Research

There are some names that are popular in the coffee world, such as Breville Barista BES870XL that will give you an ultimate satisfaction in making your own espresso. You only need to buy the coffee beans and you are done! There are also other names, like De’Longhi EC155, Mr. Coffee Barista. You should do your own research and pick the suitable one for you among these best espresso machine for home.

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